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Kenzie Barlow, master esthetician at Kbar Beauty, Saint George, Utah.

Creating Lasting Impressions with Caring Beauty Services

Welcome to Kbar Beauty! My passion is to enhance your natural allure through personalized skincare services. As an experienced esthetician, I'm dedicated to using top-tier products, such as Glymed Plus, tailored to meet your specific needs. Schedule your appointment today and let us make your beauty spa experience unforgettable.

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Master Esthetician with 6+ years of experience specializing in advanced skin care, relaxation, lash & brow services, and waxing. Includes 4 years as a Lash and Esthetics Instructor.

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Immerse yourself in luxury services, meticulously crafted to pamper and rejuvenate, with unwavering commitment to client comfort.

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Your comfort, trust, and safety are my top priorities. I am fully committed to providing personalized treatments that best suits your needs.

M'kenzie Barlow Master Esthetician for Kbar Beauty. Young woman with red hair wearing a professional jumpsuit.  Reviewing a clipboard. Skin care supplies in background.
Skin Care Expert

Why visit an esthetician?

As a Master Esthetician, I've mastered the deeper secrets of skin health beyond basic care. Imagine skipping the drugstore confusion for skincare that truly delivers. With my advanced expertise, we'll replace guesswork with visible, stunning results. You deserve a spa day where you leave looking and feeling radiant. Let me elevate your skincare experience!

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Stand Out

Look and Feel Your Best

Your face is the first thing people notice. Whether it’s a prom, first date, job interview, wedding, or speaking engagement, our personalized beauty spa services are here to help you look and feel your best. To help make the kind of impression that will leave a lasting impact.

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Master Esthetician Kenzie Barlow is holding up two Glymed Products. She is a young woman with red hair, black gloves, and a professional jumpsuit on.

Gain Increased Confidence Through Consistent Care

Consistent maintenance is the key to long-lasting beauty and the confidence it brings. Our services are designed to help keep your skin healthy and glowing all year round, leaving a lasting impression and boosting your confidence. You deserve a day at the beauty spa!

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"Kenzie is the best! She goes the extra mile to give an amazing glow facial. I love her whole setup in her space. Very inviting and relaxing. She has a great sense of what a client needs are and makes you feel extremely comfortable. Her pricing is well worth her expertise. My face feels very refreshed!"

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Ken Roman


taylee funk

"Kbar was great to work with! She worked around my schedule to fix my terrible eye brows and I felt like she was really taking care of me!"

Nathan Mayo

"Kenzie is extremely kind and knowledgeable! Wish I could give more than 5 stars because she deserves 10/10"

Monica Cazarin

"Kenzie is so good at everything she does! She is very professional and has such a kind soul!"

Camryn Colebrook

"I’ve been struggling with hormonal acne for years. Kenzie not only provided me with facials for my specific skin issues, but also product recommendations. Saved me so much time and stress!!"

Amelia Goebel



"Kenzie is super knowledgable and kind. I've gotten many facials from her and I keep going back! She's fun to talk to so you feel comfortable during your appointment and she's well-trained in esthetics."



Bey Coronado

"Kenzie is amazing! I have been going to her over the past four months for micro needling, chemical peel, and eyebrow wax and tint. Her knowledge and expertise are evident in the way she carefully assessed my skin and tailored a skin care routine to address my specific concerns. Throughout the treatment, she explained each step, making me feel comfortable and well-informed about the process. I would recommend Kenzie to everyone!"

Jamie Goebel

"If you want the best aesthetic experience ever, then book with Kbar now! Luxury awaits when you get a skin care treatment from Kbar Beauty! Kenzie knows how to pamper you and can answer all of your skin care needs! Her knowledge of skincare and her professionalism can not be beat! Try her services for yourself and you'll become an instant fan!"

Kathie Porter

Beehive Learning Academy, CEO

"Got a chemical peel from Kenzie and the results were amazing! ❤️ She was very knowledgeable about all the products and aftercare treatment!"

Kaila Posell

"Perfect service and super professional I wouldn’t go anywhere else."

Mario Gillette

"Kenzie is the best!!"

Madison Tanner

"As a guy with absolutely zero skincare knowledge, this was the best bang for your buck I could have imagined. You will not find a more prepared and knowledgeable esthetician."

Haden Goebel

"Love love love! The go & glow facial was soo relaxing and rejuvenating for my skin! Definitely recommend!"

Joni May

"kenzie is amazing, she's so knowledgeable, sweet, and a great lash tech :)"

Keylee Rawlings

"Kenzie is the best! I had a great experience with her waxing and tinting my eyebrows. I'm a natural red head with bleach blonde eyebrows and I've always been scared to have someone do them. She started off doing a light tint and letting me check them before going any darker to make sure I liked them and was comfortable. I really appreciate that she confirmed with me and they turned out amazing! She is the sweetest person and I highly recommend going to her for any of your beauty needs."

Lisa Beardsley

"Kenzie is absolutely amazing with all services! I’ve gotten lashes by her and facials and her space is always clean! I highly recommend her"

Chantelle Briseno

"Kenzie is the most professional and sweet person there is. Always makes you feel super comfortable and very knowledgeable about everything she does. Best in St. George Utah!!"

Courtni Marchant

"Kenzie is the best! Super professional and great at what she does. Go to her for any waxing needs to might have✨🙌🏼"

Darby Wagner

"Kenzie has always been so kind and made me feel very comfortable. She did the best lashes always and if I ever had any problems she was always willing to fit me back in! HIGHLY RECOMMEND"


"Kenzie is the best ! I have gotten my lashes done with her for years ! My lashes are always so good I would recommend going with her ! She makes you feel so comfortable & she is very talented in Everything she does."

Yoselim Segura


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